Management Consists Of A Serial Sessions Of Painless
    PRP,  H-Mesotherapy And H-Cold Laser. Therapeutic
    Course (4-6 Weeks).

    Scalp Hair Re-Growth Is Very Effectively  Stimulated By
    This Pure Autologous (Patient Own Blood Sample
    Contains 100% His/Her Own Natural Growth Factors )
    Platelets Rich Plasma Growth Factors.

    Growth Factor's Most Important Function Is Attracting
    Autologous STEM CELLS Into The Injected Area To
    Start The Hair Follicle And Surrounding Tissues  

    Another Important Function Of The Growth Factors;
    Stimulation Of New Micro - Vascularization, New Micro
    Vessels Improves Local Circulation Therefore Improves
    Hair Follicle Nutrition And Regeneration.

    PRP 3-5 Sessions Are Supported By Alternative French H-
    Mesotherapy, Thereafter Boosted By The H-Cold-Laser
    Applications, It Took About Seven Months For The Re-
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